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Extreme particle acceleration in microquasar jets and pulsar wind nebulae with the MAGIC telescopes
by Alba Fernández-Barral


Characterization of very high energy gamma-radiation from active galactic nuclei observed by the MAGIC telescopes
by Terzić, Tomislav
Improvement of the MAGIC LIDAR data analysis
by Albert Senén Cerdà
Limits to the violation of Lorentz invariance using the emission of the CRAB pulsar at TeV energies, discovered with archival data from the MAGIC telescopes
by Daniel Garrido Terrats
MAGIC sensitivity to Primordial Black Hole bursts and modelization of BH chromospheres and gamma-ray emission spectra
by Miquel Cassanyes
Very-high-energy gamma-ray observations of pulsar wind nebulae and cataclysmic variable stars with MAGIC and development of trigger systems for IACTs
by Rubén López-Coto


Multi-year campaign of the gamma-ray binary LS I +61º 303 and search for VHE emission from gamma-ray binary candidates with the MAGIC telescopes
by Alicia López-Oramas
Review of the MAGIC LIDAR data analysis method and study of its stability
by Miquel Cassanyes


Gamma-ray emission of young stellar objects and discovery of superorbital variability at high energies
by Daniela Hadasch
Development of New Composite Mirrors for Imaging Cherenkov Telescopes and Observations of the Two Blazar Objects 1ES 0806+524 and 1ES 1011+496 with MAGIC
by Cornelia Schultz
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