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BL Lac Objects - View from the Highest Energies
by Vandad Fallah Ramazani


Constraints on Lorentz Invariance Violation through the study of energy-dependent photonic time dispersion utilizing observations from current gamma-ray instruments
by Leyre Nogués


Indirect dark matter searches on the Triangulum-II dwarf spheroidal galaxy and the Perseus galaxy cluster with the MAGIC telescopes
by Joaquim Palacio Navarro
MAGIC observations with bright Moon and their application to measuring the VHE gamma-ray spectral cut-off of the PeVatron candidate Cassiopeia A
by Daniel Guberman


Extreme particle acceleration in microquasar jets and pulsar wind nebulae with the MAGIC telescopes
by Alba Fernández-Barral


A Correlation Study of Radio Giant Pulses and Very High Energy Photons from the Crab Pulsar
by Natalia Ewelina Lewandowska


Characterization of very high energy gamma-radiation from active galactic nuclei observed by the MAGIC telescopes
by Terzić, Tomislav
Improvement of the MAGIC LIDAR data analysis
by Albert Senén Cerdà
Limits to the violation of Lorentz invariance using the emission of the CRAB pulsar at TeV energies, discovered with archival data from the MAGIC telescopes
by Daniel Garrido Terrats
MAGIC sensitivity to Primordial Black Hole bursts and modelization of BH chromospheres and gamma-ray emission spectra
by Miquel Cassanyes
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