Florian Goebel Prize

Florian Goebel Prize


The  Florian Goebel Prize is awarded by the Collaboration Board of MAGIC to young members of the Collaboration that contributed to important achievements.

List of Florian Goebel Prizes awarded by the MAGIC Collaboration


Recipient: Ruben López Coto, Alicia López Oramas, David Green, Vandad Fallah Ramazani
Motivation: “For the swift and rigorous analysis and modelling of observations of the RS Oph August 2021 outburst, leading to the establishment of the proton acceleration in recurrent novae”


Recipient: Giovanni Ceribella
Motivation: “For the invaluable work on the Sum-Trigger and the outstanding
contributions to the publication of the first detection of the Geminga pulsar at very-high-energy gamma rays”


Recipients: Giacomo d'Amico, Daniel Kerszberg and Cedric Perennes
Motivation: “For their participation in the extraordinary effort in the first search for LIV effects in GRB observations by Cherenkov telescopes using MAGIC GRB190114C data, including the development and application of innovative analysis approaches”


Recipients: Alessio Berti, Elena Moretti, Lara Nava, Satoshi Fukami, Davide Miceli, Yusuke Suda
Motivation: "For their outstanding contributions to the data analysis, scientific interpretation and write up of the two Nature publications reporting the first GRB detected at TeV energies"

Recipients: Konstancja Satalecka, Luca Foffano, Wrijupan Bhattacharya, Michele Peresano
Motivation: “For their strong contribution that led to the discovery of the high-energy gamma-ray signal from the “Texas Source“ TXS 0506+056, the Blazar associated with the high-energy neutrino IceCube 170922A

Recipients: Christian Fruck, Joaquim Palacio, Marcel Strzys, Ievgen Vovk
Motivation: "For their outstanding contributions to the Development of Software Tools for the Analysis of Extended Sources with MAGIC, and their Application to Diverse Scientific Topics"

Recipient: Alessandro Carosi
Motivation: “For his fundamental work on the Gamma-Ray Burst observation program of MAGIC”

Recipients: Josefa Becerra Gonzalez, Marina Manganaro and Mireia Nievas
Motivation: “For the fundamental work which allowed MAGIC to expand the very-high-energy gamma-ray horizon beyond a redshift of 0.9”

Recipients: Javier Herrera, Martin Will
Motivation: “For their outstanding contributions to the constant improvement of the MAGIC telescopes' performance”

Recipients: Julian Sitarek and Dorit Eisenacher
Motivation: "For their outstanding contributions to the analysis of the peculiar variability of IC 310 which led to a remarkable publication in the Science magazine"

Recipient: Saverio Lombardi
Motivation: “Appreciating your extraordinary contribution and efforts to the MAGIC experiment for your activity on software development and your contribution to the detection of several weak sources.

Recipients: Simon Bonnefoy and Roberta Zanin
Motivation: “For the discovery of bridge emission from the Crab pulsar in VHE gamma rays”

Recipient: Julian Krause and Ignasi Reichardt
Motivation: “Outstanding study of W51 and excellent work for the software development and running data center”

Recipient: Takayuki Saito
Motivation: “Outstanding study on the Crab Pulsar and excellent scientific coordination for the Crab pulsar publication”

Recipient: Gianluca Giavitto
Motivation: Upgrade of MAGIC I

Recipient: Elina Lindfors
Motivation: Successful discoveries of many AGNs with Long Term Optical monitoring

Recipient: Miquel Barcelo, Stefan Klepser
Motivation: MAGIC Stereo

Recipient: Julian Sitarek
Motivation: "For the establishment of the MAGIC stereo data analysis"

Recipient: Francesco Dazzi
Motivation: Appreciating his team efforts and his extraordinary contribution to the MAGIC experiment in the "Work on the trigger and the commissioning of much of the hardware"

Recipient: Michele Doro
Motivation: “Appreciating his team efforts and his extraordinary contribution to the MAGIC experiment in the construction and installations of the mirrors"

Recipient: Roberta Zanin
Motivation: “For extending the central control of MAGIC to a system of 2 telescopes”

Recipient: Daniela Borla-Tridon
Motivation: “For the characterization of the photomultipliers of the MAGIC-II camera”

Recipient: Tobias Jogler
Motivation: “For writing the control software of the MAGIC-II camera”

Recipient: Diego Tescaro
Motivation: “For his work at the MAGIC-II readout hardware and writing the MAGIC-II DAQ”

Recipients: Marcos Lopez, Nepomuk Otte, Michael Rissi, Maxim Shayduk
Motivation: “Detection of the Crab pulsar at VHE gamma rays”

Recipient: Javier Rico
Motivation: “Appreciating your extraordinary contribution and efforts to the MAGIC experiment for the discovery of Gamma Ray Emission from LSI+61 302 as well as from Cyg X-1"

Recipients: Elisa Prandini and Pratik Majumdar
Motivation: “For the discovery of VHE gamma rays from 3C 279, the first FSRQ to be detected in VHE gamma rays”

Recipient: Diego Tescaro
Motivation: “For developing a substantial improvement in the MAGIC-1 analysis through the use of signal times”