Statement of solidarity

Statement of solidarity for Ukraine

We, the undersigned, are scientists of various career stages and countries of origin that work with the MAGIC telescopes to study energetic gamma-rays from the cosmos. What unites us is a common passion for unravelling the fundamental mysteries of our Universe using the scientific method. Science knows neither borders nor nationality, but is strongly dependent on peaceful international cooperation. As humans, we understand how rare and precious our only Earth is, and how important it is to treat our fellow human beings with respect and compassion. We oppose wars of aggression as a means to settle disputes. It is with great sorrow and the deepest of concerns that we have seen that a brutal war has been caused in the midst of Europe due to the attack on Ukraine ordered by the Russian government under Vladimir Putin. Families and lives are torn apart, millions are robbed of their basic livelihoods and become displaced. The international cooperation and exchange is disrupted, and the very fabric of human civilization gravely endangered.
We stand in full solidarity with all citizens of Ukraine that are the victims of this aggression, who fear for their survival and that of their loved ones, and whose lives have been forcibly changed, sometimes permanently. We also declare solidarity with all those citizens of Russia that reject the brutal war their government has caused. This includes a substantial number of our Russian friends and colleagues in science, that, sometimes under great personal risk, speak out against the war and call for peace. They deserve nothing but our respect and support.
We urgently call for a halt of the offensive, and we urge governments around the world to extend humanitarian help to the victims of war and displacement. It is our hope that scientific cooperation and exchange can not only continue during these troubled times, but can even be a guiding light in these dark hours towards a brighter future for all humankind.

Dominik Elsaesser
Marina Manganaro
Oscar Blanch
Pratik Majumdar
Antonio Stamerra
Diana Werner
Alessia Spolon
Giacomo Bonnoli
Dario Hrupec
Axel Arbet-Engels
Jelena Strišković
Martin Makariev
Victor Acciari
Juan Cortina
Nikola Godinović
Vitaly Neustroev
Wolfgang Rhode
Javier Herrera Llorente
Петър Темников (Petar Temnikov)
Javier Rico
Salvatore Mangano
Marine Pihet
Angelo Antonelli
Abelardo Moralejo
Saverio Lombardi
Nicolas Produit
Lea Heckmann
Simone Mender
Alejo Cifuentes Santos
Eduardo Colombo
Moritz Hütten
David Paneque
Carolin Wunderlich
Markus Gaug
Galina Maneva
Claudia M. Raiteri
Konstancja Satalecka
Sybille Rodriguez
Roberto Carosi
Luca Zampieri
Daniele Corti
Jan Lukas Schubert
Jose Luis Contreras
Yusuke Suda
Nicola Giglietto
Marc Ribó
Serena Loporchio
Edgar Molina
Kevin Schmidt
Darko Zarić
Takayuki Saito
Kyoshi Nishijima
Etienne Lyard
Elisa Prandini
Tihomir Suric
Jarred Gershon Green
Leonardo Di Venere
Tjark Miener
Josefa Becerra González
Tarek Hassan Collado
Tomislav Terzić
Michele Doro
Davide Miceli
Julian Sitarek
Nikola Mang
Chaitanya Priyadarshi
Irene Burelli
María Láinez
Elina Lindfors
Francesco Longo
Vincenzo Vitale
Alessandra Lamastra
Razmik Mirzoyan
Juan Bernete Medrano
Chiara Righi
Giovanni Ceribella
Michele Fiori
Vandad Fallah Ramazani
Giorgio Pirola
Adrian Biland
Shunsuke Sakurai
Daniela Hadasch
Hiro Tajima
Jenni Jormanainen
Jordi Delgado Mengual
Lara Nava
Željka Bošnjak
Ana Babić
Simona Paiano
Carlo Vigorito
Ulisses Barres de Almeida
Stefan Fröse
Massimo Persic
Fabrizio Tavecchio
Stefano Covino
Giovanni Busetto
Ryuji Takeishi
Barbara De Lotto
Ivana Batković
Ciro Bigongiari
Carlos Delgado
Alessandro Carosi
Sofia Suutarinen
Karl Mannheim
Tomohiro Inada
Habib Ahammad Mondal
Francesco Gabriele Saturni
Noah Biederbeck
Lukas Nickel
Roger Grau
David Fink
Giacomo Principe
Federico Di Pierro
Vitalii Sliusar
Marcos Lopez
Barbara Patricelli
Paweł Gliwny
Robert Christoph Berse
Antonio Tutone
Ruben Lopez-Coto
Marlene Doert
Andrea Lorini
Kari Nilsson
Mar Carretero Castrillo
Nick Theisen
Alicia Lopez Oramas

Sunrise from the Roque de Los Muchacos observatory.
Image Credit: Chiara Righi.